Apr 30, 2013

Thecomputa: Samsung S4 Benchmarks (Video)

Thecomputa: Samsung S4 Benchmarks (Video): Slightly bigger screen, 2 GB ram,wave through photos with gesture control, S health, and so many other fun apps that work...

Samsung S4 Benchmarks (Video)

8 core chip Samsung Exynos 5octa

Slightly bigger screen, 2 GB ram,wave through photos with gesture control, S health, and so many other fun apps that works so well on the S4, the integrating of Google maps, hover  features are also cool. In a recent post about the S4. We talked about some of the Samsung Galaxy Features. We wanted to review it through and through to see what the tech improvements are. I found this video from,  iFixitYouorself’s  YouTube page. This review is the most through and through tear-down that we like to see as technicians and as consumers.
 This video as to be the most consumer friendly that i found. The Samsung S4 specs are mentioned and the breakdown of what they mean for clear understanding. Like the recent post mentioned. Not much as improved in the design and materials. The phone is still made from plastic for the body.
Samsung S4 uses the snapdragon 600 processor, This is a quad-core and is used, also, the debated Exynos processor that is said to be of a slower speed. However the Exynos 5 Octa 8 cores has more cores to work with. The Exynos processors are mostly in Europe and other countries.  May also be requested as there are in some versions of the S4. Which processor is better?  It is a close call with each having attributes of their own.

Apr 28, 2013

What is Google Babel

You would think that we are flooded with social media and ways to interact online. From all the ways that are available to communicate. Gmail, G+, Google talk, etc., you may notice that Google alone have so many different plat forms to interact.
Well according to rumored sources on the internet... Google is planning to introduce the all in one interaction/message platform hub for all their services.
The new platforms is said to be called Babel, which is loosely defined as a confused noise typically that made by a number of voices. Also a scene of noisy confusion.
The new service is expected to unify all the services according to sources, that intercepted a piece of code in an email communication on a Gmail page saying that Babel is Google's new messenger with clients for Android, IOS, Chrome, Google+ and the other Google mail service will be able to access the same conversation list from anywhere! is a loose quote from the Google Operating System blog Stating "That's how Google describes the new service."
Droid life as also wrote about the new "Babel " service which was rumored to have merged Google's email and chat services together into a cross-platform chat solution. Droid life's wrote "While most of those reports were on the right track, we believe that the actual name of the new Google messenger service is called “Babel” rather than “Babble,” at least internally."  correcting their previous post about the name. This picture from the
 Droid Life page showing the tower of Babel is attached to an exclusive news article that stated that other features like photo sharing  and live video chat access and on the record history of chat viewing  from anywhere. According to sources for DroidLife. May just be part of the rumor. So far these have not been fully confirmed yet.

These reports are getting Google users, very exited to have an all in one platform to sync their communication across devices and platforms. They can't wait to have this. Seems like Google is on the right track. They may be late, following Apple. Who already have such services.  Leaving Google's Android users feeling a little lacking of the feature.

The Facebook home also have a cross platform/cross device OS with chat heads incorporated into there software and people seem to like that feature. We would like to see that in the Google Babel also, if Google decide on paying FB some patent fees to make their users happy.

Consumers are always asking for more and companies are required to produce what the demand is. This PR from around the web is definitely good for Google. Now it is up to them to produce.

Apr 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Another celebrity of the phone business was released recently and people are exited about this new phone with some reservations.
Samsung as the latest in the gesture control technology. But do people really feel ready for that? Maybe or maybe not. What ever the case, Samsung is innovating and that is what really matters. The fact that this new device is released so quick after the Galaxy note is typical of Samsung to be consistent in rolling out device after device.
The Samsung platform is very neat. I have had many geekogisms just from videos that shows the first look and features. And yes (geekogisms) is a word i made up.

I fell in love in March when the S4 was announced. The software features was so entreating to me, because of the air swipe feature ooooohhohohho, i just came to my heaven, and Samsung S4 is an angel. No other phone sport this feature at the time and that makes me so exited that i can't even explain why i feel this way.
Now a month later, and the phone is getting into hands of anyone that can get their hands on it. These features are explained better in this video.
Of all the videos that i have watched of the Galaxy S4 these videos explained the features very well i think. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is in itself a worth while investment.

I have a phone that is not old enough for an upgrade right now. I feel like it might get lost or i may have an accident with my S3 or who knows where i leave my phone sometimes. These things
 get lost. It's a thing. That happens sometimes and we just have to replace or upgrade and move on with our lives.
Maybe i am sharing too much. I am still feeling really impressed after watching  and reading up on this phone.
Nice hardware to work with and offering so much on the software side. Still some bench marks for  network speed and we good. 

Apr 22, 2013

HP Z1 vs Gateway 1 ZX series

After looking at the specs briefly.  Comparing the Hp and the Gateway all in one computers got me thinking...
Other than Brand loyalty, "why would i buy the Hp Z1?, The new all in one desktop unit.  Hewlet Packerd  (HP) has on the market for consumers.
First let me tell you a little about the HP Z1. This all in one desktop is a 27" beast of a desktop. The manufacturer managed the feat of allowing this design an size to work at the advantage of using no tools for servicing or swapping out parts.  At Hp  U.S. you may find the features and the indepth specs of the machine.This unit carries an hd web cam, that is easily adjusted for several angles, The HP Z1 have a quad core Intel Xeon processor. This would be important to an architect or designer that requires a certain set of hardware to make a high quality work station. This also could apply to gamer, video and photo editors that do high volume of rendering. However this Z1 does not have the touch screen feature capable, which i feel that is becoming the common thing since windows 8 launched. Instead for the Windows 7 users that have trusted windows 7 for a while now. This desktop is perfect for you. It comes with 32 or 64 bit version of windows professional, you may also get this machine with Linux installer kit or even no software preload. Yes there are many technical access available to a standard user. The design is made so anyone can service this Z1.  Yes the Z1 is able to be serviced even without tools. This is the biggest feature with this computer. Franky,  this is one computer that could last for a long time and be up gradable. The HP Z1 score a 90% A- for repairable without tools. A overall score would only at this point is 87% because of the lack of a touch screen capable feature. Every other hardware component seem to score very high and therefore may explain the price been so high compared to other All in one desktop.

Gateway also have and All in one desktop. You may not know much about the Gateway brand . They have been manufacturing computers for a long time. They have been owned by several different owners and have been recently purchased by Acer. Gateway have been making the All in one style desktop for previous model years and this is not their first. However the newest version of Gateway's all in one. The Gateway One ZX series. First notable is the price range from $749.99 up to $949.99
which makes it significantly cheaper than the HP Z1 which is $1699 or more.
The Gateway 0ne Zx series trys to sell it self as a wall mounted multipurpose Tv/desktop computer with a touch screen, which is not a bad design since that maybe the direction that we going with technology. The Gateway Zx uses forms of hand gestures to interact with the 23 screen. This is seamless with the windows 8 operating system, The design of the Gateway one is  slim, 2.28" deep, with a standard 23"screen. This Gateway one Zx series of computers claim style and balance stated by the Gateway product site in the U S.
This computer also have good graphics for gaming and streaming video for Tv viewing at the high end. This desktop also offers video editing and gaming . The determining factor would be if it comes down to wether you want the freedom to upgrade when you choose or the touch screen technology. Because each unit have many of the same attributes and if price is a factor for students and just basic family home use the the choice is clear. The HP Z1 is more of a professional build desktop and the Gateway ZX is more home / student machine. HP.com

Apr 14, 2013

How-to root Acer A-500 with ICS 4.0.3

below are step- by step instructions on how to root an Acer iconia A500 series with ICS  4.0.3, This guide may work on other devices like phone and other tablets.

Step 1. Make sure that your phone/tablet is fully charged, you will need at-least and hour charge in you device. If not fully charged? Take this time to charge your device for optimal rooting. 
Step 2.
 this step will be quick. But if your phone is not fully charges. you need to make sure you have more than 15 mins of strong battery. You will need to charger your phone enough , before installing this software  at number 2. You will need a usd data/charger cable. 
Step 3. Download this file in a location that you are able to fine it easily, the best option is you desktop. 

step 4.
 Now that you have downloaded this zip file needed.Extract files and locate this file in extracted file folder.(runit-win) this is a window .bat file type. If you have linux base systems choose (runit-linux.sh) 

Step 5.
 Now hopefully you have a charged phone/Tablet ready for the next step. You now need to power on your device. choose the settings option, then find application, then developer, then enable usb debugging. when this is checked, that means on. This is for connecting your usb cable to your device. 

step 6.
 Plug both ends of the usb cable in appropriate places. Allow for drivers to be installed if this is your first time using this device connected to computer.once drivers are installed. run file (runit-win) standby for restart. when files are loaded your device will shutdown and restart. If it does not restart right away, you will need to press power button and restart device. 

Step 7.
 Now you have a rooted phone/tablet. Next you want to go to the play store and download superuser app. this app will enable you to access root on your device. i recommend you also download adfree, and titanium backup. That is all you need. now have fun customizing and personalizing your phone/tablet. Side-note. whenever you are rooting any device. It is good to have a 2 gig micro sd or larger. some software may not work properly for your phone.

Developer Resigns because of twitter post

Adam Orth fired for twitter post? This recent uncontrolled post on twitter, by Adam Orth, cost him his job at Microsoft with the Xbox. It seems a little rash that a twitter post could make you loose your job.
 This is the world we are now citizens of.  Of course, As an executive, who as an effect on the marketing a product. Getting fired for offending a sensitive consumer base.Would affect the product's marketing.
 Frankly; the freedom to express this little unverified information, as afforded this developer a position that may have been influential on the result of this new Xbox.
https://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/04/10/following-twitter-tirade_2c00_-microsoft-designer-adam-orth-resigns.aspx Mostly, my speculation is this slip of the tongue, may have revealed the facts the marketing department did not want to come out. Did this change anyone's mind? How they feel about this console's always being on? From all the statements coming from Microsoft letters and updates from blogs. Thou, seeming that Orth did not make a false statement. It just seem badly articulated and offensive to some Twitter users that say the post, and bloggers and other media plat forms that gave it the attention that it got.  I guess what i am saying, is that you're getting an always on Xbox whether you want to or not. All the uproar cost someone their job and yet did not change the mystery that is the Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called. This information will be realized in a few week coming. When Microsoft will announce officially in May, what exactly we getting with this console.

Apr 11, 2013

Best Personal scanner to own (Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Desktop Scanner for PC and Mac)

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Desktop Scanner for PC and Mac

So paper is becoming an annoying part of the on the go professional that are traveling light these days. And still need to have relevant paper work to be able to get their work done.
This Fujitsu scanner is a nice compact unit that can be place on your desktop and takes very little space. This is not why this scanner is perfect.  On top of being compact and neat, the performance of this scanner is very noticeable as you can tell from watching the video in this post.
A scan of up to 25 pages per minute. WOW. this scanner will make one of those 1200 dollar office scanners  ashamed.
I saw this in my inbox and now i am considering the possibility of owning one of these very soon.

How to add social media links to a blog

This how to, is for blogs that are written and posted on this blogging platform template layout. Adding social media connection may be different on other blogging platforms and or web blogging host.
For example. This how to may not help you if you are  using tumblr or WordPress, therefore if you are looking for ways to add social media connections to those host for blogging. This would not be the post for you. instead you may find those how to blog post or even videos on other post on this blog.

Adding social media links to Blogger is not hard at all. It is quite easy. This option is just a matter of clicking a few links and tabs to navigate to the exact place you for this feature. Once you get to the dialog area that you need . Then it is just a matter of clicking a check box, and presto you would have had social sharing buttons for social media sharing of your blog post.

1; The first step is to login to your blog. Once you have logged in to your blog.
2; Navigate to your dashboard, by clicking the design link button at the top right corner next to sign in
3; Now that your on the design page dashboard, you have many options. on the left side bar choose layout
4; You have clicked the layout button, now you can edit you blog's layout, You will see a box (Blog Post)
5; At the bottom right hand corner there is an edit link. Right click this link and open in new tab for bigger view of your choices.
6; here you find settings that will show in each post you make to your blog.this how to is only going to point you to the social media link , which is 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the page. There you find the 5 generated icon for Google's share options and also Facebook and twitter.
7; Here to the left is a check box that you would select to add these share links to your post. Once you have clicked this link. Scroll to the bottom of the page. To the left corner you will find a save button. Click this button and you are done. Your post will now have share option after each post.
 you can find some screen shots for each page.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Android lovers are all excited. The galaxy note 8 is finally here. After months and months of speculations, rumors, and questions. The real thing is now available all to put their hands on, and see for themselves, what all the talks have been about.
Even thou this tablet is a direct target at the iPad mini. The apple fan-boys and fan-girls, are more dedicated, whenever apple products are released. There are no long lines, not too much headlines today, "the release day", for this device.
Android fan got on twitter to shout it's here and they will be getting it soon. Not many are talking about there direct experience with the device quite as much thou.
For those who are looking for the upgrade at this time of year. This tablet is the most conveniently price for a mid year purchase. Not too expensive, while offering a bargain at $399 dollar price tag for the wifi version. Spec for the us north american version can be viewed by clicking the spec link.
The note is also reported to be sold for the same 399 in the UK. This price is for the wi-fi only version.

The Galaxy Note 8 is not lacking any of Samsung's previous notable features. Samsung is working on security to make this tablet safe for your work environs, By making this tablet "enterprise ready", Claims to have "enhanced security, accessibility, and connectivity features". Those were some direct quotes from Samsung Note 8 features page.The Galaxy Note 8 offers several other work life features that can help you decide if this tablet will work for you at work.

Apr 4, 2013

Drobo Giveaway

Onemansblog as posted #Drobo mini giveaway for the up coming weeks. This post published an update on April 1, 2013.
The post, makes talks, that for the next month or four weeks Geekbeat/onemansblog will be giving away one drobo mini per week to be announced on social media. Check out this link to learn more

I am posting also this to my blog page in hopes of winning one of the four Drobo mini in the giveaway,
I am poor right now and this would help me out a lot  
until i can afford to get an upgrade.Drobo Mini Give Away

Apr 3, 2013

Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition

Toshiba April 1 prank was hilarious

Apple CEO Gets owned by Chinese media propaganda?.

The Apple China repair-replacement policy is now better than the repair-replacement policy in the United States;
Claim made by the New Haven Register on April 3. The article Excerpts of Apple's apology to China.  This is after Tim Cook's letter apologizing to Apple's Chinese consumers.

I am going to start with,This maybe critical that Apple seems to be getting many things wrong. If not with software i.e. Apple maps, with the IPhone 5 release not too long ago. It is now with customer service. Thou customer service is a big part of being a good company. Being a strong CEO is also essential in keeping that company on top of it's game.

While China as a large number of consumers, That makes a 13% or so contribution to Apple consumer base. Apple also owes the same obligation to the rest of their consumers worldwide.

Dealing with China is a very complicated situation for Apple to be involved in. It definitely require Finess, and some forms of diplomacy. These things are not always a easy balance when dealing in homes country that also brings high competition from other phone manufacturers.

What is the end game for China?  In the past there as been reports that Chinese manufacturers have copied from Apple's designs and tried to replicate apple products. With this new policy and the more flexible replacement -repair policy or visa versa,  what is there now in place to counter this action that have been a concern in the past?

If I can input my opinion also. Since i am not a journalist. As a blog writer that as nothing to gain from stating my opinion. "This is influenced by the bitter competitor Samsung" They recently were at the loosing end of an American patent suit from Apple, of which, Samsung lost,  last year, and now; While in appeals. There is another patent  lawsuit pending.Now if i were Samsung, and i had some pull with the Chinese. maybe i would influence the media to paint some negative picture on Apple which may involve slinging some dirt at the manufacturer. Certainly this is just my opinion, and i have no evidence proving this theory. In my head it adds to the drama at hand.
   thecomputa.blogspot.com/Apple ceo apologise

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