May 16, 2013

Google play Services announced at GDC 2013

The Google play services is the new and improved Game services by Google announced at the 2013 Google Developers Conference.

I/LoJack for Laptops 
This Annual conference is attending by young developers and press from the tech community agar to find out what is the next big thing what is the next special feature from a smartphone, a app and in Google's case what is new for Google maps what is new in chrome  what is new in android.  I sat at desk and partially watched day one of the keynotes speeches. and yes they kept them really short. I guess that is why they are keynotes. They all have such deep accents too.
Ever speaker for the first part of the keynotes were talking so fast i could hardly keep up. Most of the time they seem to have been talking about features that i already used on my android device. They got rid of some boat that was not needed like the Google messenger, Google chat that no one use any way. The G+ page got some improvement and the Google hangout also got a face-lift with the G+ page.

Would you believe that out of the seven or so billion people in the world. 900 million of them are subscribed to the android platform. OMG Google, what are you trying to do take over the world like pinky and the brain. I guess the hint was when i learned that the game developer team member were called jet-brains.LOL.
I laugh at my own jokes. 

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  1. google announced many other things at gdc. too. why not write about other gdc announcements?


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