Apr 3, 2013

Apple CEO Gets owned by Chinese media propaganda?.

The Apple China repair-replacement policy is now better than the repair-replacement policy in the United States;
Claim made by the New Haven Register on April 3. The article Excerpts of Apple's apology to China.  This is after Tim Cook's letter apologizing to Apple's Chinese consumers.

I am going to start with,This maybe critical that Apple seems to be getting many things wrong. If not with software i.e. Apple maps, with the IPhone 5 release not too long ago. It is now with customer service. Thou customer service is a big part of being a good company. Being a strong CEO is also essential in keeping that company on top of it's game.

While China as a large number of consumers, That makes a 13% or so contribution to Apple consumer base. Apple also owes the same obligation to the rest of their consumers worldwide.

Dealing with China is a very complicated situation for Apple to be involved in. It definitely require Finess, and some forms of diplomacy. These things are not always a easy balance when dealing in homes country that also brings high competition from other phone manufacturers.

What is the end game for China?  In the past there as been reports that Chinese manufacturers have copied from Apple's designs and tried to replicate apple products. With this new policy and the more flexible replacement -repair policy or visa versa,  what is there now in place to counter this action that have been a concern in the past?

If I can input my opinion also. Since i am not a journalist. As a blog writer that as nothing to gain from stating my opinion. "This is influenced by the bitter competitor Samsung" They recently were at the loosing end of an American patent suit from Apple, of which, Samsung lost,  last year, and now; While in appeals. There is another patent  lawsuit pending.Now if i were Samsung, and i had some pull with the Chinese. maybe i would influence the media to paint some negative picture on Apple which may involve slinging some dirt at the manufacturer. Certainly this is just my opinion, and i have no evidence proving this theory. In my head it adds to the drama at hand.
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