Apr 14, 2013

How-to root Acer A-500 with ICS 4.0.3

below are step- by step instructions on how to root an Acer iconia A500 series with ICS  4.0.3, This guide may work on other devices like phone and other tablets.

Step 1. Make sure that your phone/tablet is fully charged, you will need at-least and hour charge in you device. If not fully charged? Take this time to charge your device for optimal rooting. 
Step 2.
 this step will be quick. But if your phone is not fully charges. you need to make sure you have more than 15 mins of strong battery. You will need to charger your phone enough , before installing this software  at number 2. You will need a usd data/charger cable. 
Step 3. Download this file in a location that you are able to fine it easily, the best option is you desktop. 

step 4.
 Now that you have downloaded this zip file needed.Extract files and locate this file in extracted file folder.(runit-win) this is a window .bat file type. If you have linux base systems choose (runit-linux.sh) 

Step 5.
 Now hopefully you have a charged phone/Tablet ready for the next step. You now need to power on your device. choose the settings option, then find application, then developer, then enable usb debugging. when this is checked, that means on. This is for connecting your usb cable to your device. 

step 6.
 Plug both ends of the usb cable in appropriate places. Allow for drivers to be installed if this is your first time using this device connected to computer.once drivers are installed. run file (runit-win) standby for restart. when files are loaded your device will shutdown and restart. If it does not restart right away, you will need to press power button and restart device. 

Step 7.
 Now you have a rooted phone/tablet. Next you want to go to the play store and download superuser app. this app will enable you to access root on your device. i recommend you also download adfree, and titanium backup. That is all you need. now have fun customizing and personalizing your phone/tablet. Side-note. whenever you are rooting any device. It is good to have a 2 gig micro sd or larger. some software may not work properly for your phone.

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