Apr 14, 2013

Developer Resigns because of twitter post

Adam Orth fired for twitter post? This recent uncontrolled post on twitter, by Adam Orth, cost him his job at Microsoft with the Xbox. It seems a little rash that a twitter post could make you loose your job.
 This is the world we are now citizens of.  Of course, As an executive, who as an effect on the marketing a product. Getting fired for offending a sensitive consumer base.Would affect the product's marketing.
 Frankly; the freedom to express this little unverified information, as afforded this developer a position that may have been influential on the result of this new Xbox.
https://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/04/10/following-twitter-tirade_2c00_-microsoft-designer-adam-orth-resigns.aspx Mostly, my speculation is this slip of the tongue, may have revealed the facts the marketing department did not want to come out. Did this change anyone's mind? How they feel about this console's always being on? From all the statements coming from Microsoft letters and updates from blogs. Thou, seeming that Orth did not make a false statement. It just seem badly articulated and offensive to some Twitter users that say the post, and bloggers and other media plat forms that gave it the attention that it got.  I guess what i am saying, is that you're getting an always on Xbox whether you want to or not. All the uproar cost someone their job and yet did not change the mystery that is the Xbox 720 or whatever it will be called. This information will be realized in a few week coming. When Microsoft will announce officially in May, what exactly we getting with this console.

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