Apr 11, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Android lovers are all excited. The galaxy note 8 is finally here. After months and months of speculations, rumors, and questions. The real thing is now available all to put their hands on, and see for themselves, what all the talks have been about.
Even thou this tablet is a direct target at the iPad mini. The apple fan-boys and fan-girls, are more dedicated, whenever apple products are released. There are no long lines, not too much headlines today, "the release day", for this device.
Android fan got on twitter to shout it's here and they will be getting it soon. Not many are talking about there direct experience with the device quite as much thou.
For those who are looking for the upgrade at this time of year. This tablet is the most conveniently price for a mid year purchase. Not too expensive, while offering a bargain at $399 dollar price tag for the wifi version. Spec for the us north american version can be viewed by clicking the spec link.
The note is also reported to be sold for the same 399 in the UK. This price is for the wi-fi only version.

The Galaxy Note 8 is not lacking any of Samsung's previous notable features. Samsung is working on security to make this tablet safe for your work environs, By making this tablet "enterprise ready", Claims to have "enhanced security, accessibility, and connectivity features". Those were some direct quotes from Samsung Note 8 features page.The Galaxy Note 8 offers several other work life features that can help you decide if this tablet will work for you at work.

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