Apr 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Another celebrity of the phone business was released recently and people are exited about this new phone with some reservations.
Samsung as the latest in the gesture control technology. But do people really feel ready for that? Maybe or maybe not. What ever the case, Samsung is innovating and that is what really matters. The fact that this new device is released so quick after the Galaxy note is typical of Samsung to be consistent in rolling out device after device.
The Samsung platform is very neat. I have had many geekogisms just from videos that shows the first look and features. And yes (geekogisms) is a word i made up.

I fell in love in March when the S4 was announced. The software features was so entreating to me, because of the air swipe feature ooooohhohohho, i just came to my heaven, and Samsung S4 is an angel. No other phone sport this feature at the time and that makes me so exited that i can't even explain why i feel this way.
Now a month later, and the phone is getting into hands of anyone that can get their hands on it. These features are explained better in this video.
Of all the videos that i have watched of the Galaxy S4 these videos explained the features very well i think. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is in itself a worth while investment.

I have a phone that is not old enough for an upgrade right now. I feel like it might get lost or i may have an accident with my S3 or who knows where i leave my phone sometimes. These things
 get lost. It's a thing. That happens sometimes and we just have to replace or upgrade and move on with our lives.
Maybe i am sharing too much. I am still feeling really impressed after watching  and reading up on this phone.
Nice hardware to work with and offering so much on the software side. Still some bench marks for  network speed and we good. 

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