Apr 22, 2013

HP Z1 vs Gateway 1 ZX series

After looking at the specs briefly.  Comparing the Hp and the Gateway all in one computers got me thinking...
Other than Brand loyalty, "why would i buy the Hp Z1?, The new all in one desktop unit.  Hewlet Packerd  (HP) has on the market for consumers.
First let me tell you a little about the HP Z1. This all in one desktop is a 27" beast of a desktop. The manufacturer managed the feat of allowing this design an size to work at the advantage of using no tools for servicing or swapping out parts.  At Hp  U.S. you may find the features and the indepth specs of the machine.This unit carries an hd web cam, that is easily adjusted for several angles, The HP Z1 have a quad core Intel Xeon processor. This would be important to an architect or designer that requires a certain set of hardware to make a high quality work station. This also could apply to gamer, video and photo editors that do high volume of rendering. However this Z1 does not have the touch screen feature capable, which i feel that is becoming the common thing since windows 8 launched. Instead for the Windows 7 users that have trusted windows 7 for a while now. This desktop is perfect for you. It comes with 32 or 64 bit version of windows professional, you may also get this machine with Linux installer kit or even no software preload. Yes there are many technical access available to a standard user. The design is made so anyone can service this Z1.  Yes the Z1 is able to be serviced even without tools. This is the biggest feature with this computer. Franky,  this is one computer that could last for a long time and be up gradable. The HP Z1 score a 90% A- for repairable without tools. A overall score would only at this point is 87% because of the lack of a touch screen capable feature. Every other hardware component seem to score very high and therefore may explain the price been so high compared to other All in one desktop.

Gateway also have and All in one desktop. You may not know much about the Gateway brand . They have been manufacturing computers for a long time. They have been owned by several different owners and have been recently purchased by Acer. Gateway have been making the All in one style desktop for previous model years and this is not their first. However the newest version of Gateway's all in one. The Gateway One ZX series. First notable is the price range from $749.99 up to $949.99
which makes it significantly cheaper than the HP Z1 which is $1699 or more.
The Gateway 0ne Zx series trys to sell it self as a wall mounted multipurpose Tv/desktop computer with a touch screen, which is not a bad design since that maybe the direction that we going with technology. The Gateway Zx uses forms of hand gestures to interact with the 23 screen. This is seamless with the windows 8 operating system, The design of the Gateway one is  slim, 2.28" deep, with a standard 23"screen. This Gateway one Zx series of computers claim style and balance stated by the Gateway product site in the U S.
This computer also have good graphics for gaming and streaming video for Tv viewing at the high end. This desktop also offers video editing and gaming . The determining factor would be if it comes down to wether you want the freedom to upgrade when you choose or the touch screen technology. Because each unit have many of the same attributes and if price is a factor for students and just basic family home use the the choice is clear. The HP Z1 is more of a professional build desktop and the Gateway ZX is more home / student machine. HP.com

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