Apr 28, 2013

What is Google Babel

You would think that we are flooded with social media and ways to interact online. From all the ways that are available to communicate. Gmail, G+, Google talk, etc., you may notice that Google alone have so many different plat forms to interact.
Well according to rumored sources on the internet... Google is planning to introduce the all in one interaction/message platform hub for all their services.
The new platforms is said to be called Babel, which is loosely defined as a confused noise typically that made by a number of voices. Also a scene of noisy confusion.
The new service is expected to unify all the services according to sources, that intercepted a piece of code in an email communication on a Gmail page saying that Babel is Google's new messenger with clients for Android, IOS, Chrome, Google+ and the other Google mail service will be able to access the same conversation list from anywhere! is a loose quote from the Google Operating System blog Stating "That's how Google describes the new service."
Droid life as also wrote about the new "Babel " service which was rumored to have merged Google's email and chat services together into a cross-platform chat solution. Droid life's wrote "While most of those reports were on the right track, we believe that the actual name of the new Google messenger service is called “Babel” rather than “Babble,” at least internally."  correcting their previous post about the name. This picture from the
 Droid Life page showing the tower of Babel is attached to an exclusive news article that stated that other features like photo sharing  and live video chat access and on the record history of chat viewing  from anywhere. According to sources for DroidLife. May just be part of the rumor. So far these have not been fully confirmed yet.

These reports are getting Google users, very exited to have an all in one platform to sync their communication across devices and platforms. They can't wait to have this. Seems like Google is on the right track. They may be late, following Apple. Who already have such services.  Leaving Google's Android users feeling a little lacking of the feature.

The Facebook home also have a cross platform/cross device OS with chat heads incorporated into there software and people seem to like that feature. We would like to see that in the Google Babel also, if Google decide on paying FB some patent fees to make their users happy.

Consumers are always asking for more and companies are required to produce what the demand is. This PR from around the web is definitely good for Google. Now it is up to them to produce.

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