Mar 28, 2013

Windows 8

Windows 8 upgade Is this really the new o/s update for windows 8? Windows Blue? What is this all about? So many questions arises. While doing some looking around, I came across an article by Sebastian Anthony. The article was published on March 25 and so it as been out for a few days now. Basically Sabastian says the Windows Blue features leaked. The Windows Blue build 9364 seem more geared to phones/tablets, based on the article, which describes the added features for apps and app screen customizing, and some display customization. A picture from the article shows the following image.

For more picture and information; windows Blue

Mar 27, 2013


The computa has a facebook page, You are advised to check out the posts and updates daily. Like the page and get all the latest post and updates as soon as they are posted. Be the first to know what Samsung, Sony and Apple is up to. There will sometimes be information of breaking news updates and insider information that some companies don't want to reveal to the public. Stay connect and get update at facebook page

Epic Phone Batterylife

As Smartphones get more and more smarter. They seem to have shorter and shorter battery life. As is an example of the iPhone brand. Using an Iphone for the navigation for more than 45 mins can possible drain the entire battery. making your phone useless if a charger is not near by. This droid Razr Maxx HD, doesn't show a demonstration of the navigation in use, while it should, as far as i am concern. I have not tested one officially for myself, am waiting on others to see all possible reviews to back up and verify Motorola's claim. While many phones can last a long time with light task, like texting and short web surfing that are not demanding a lot from battery resource. Using the navigation app on most phones. I have found. Drains batteries rapidly. Therefore a good phone with long battery life will impress me when it shows that longevity while being able to use navigation for more than 1 hour of long distance turn by turn driving. In another ad by Motorola . They say that 455 miles of open road, 4287 taps swipe, and pinches, 16232 steps of the beaten path, as if to claim that all this mentioned tasks equals to 32 hours or batterylife. I am a little skeptical about that.

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