May 8, 2013

The Samsung galaxy S4 IR function

Amazing, the way that Samsung as done the ir function of the Galaxy S4. The IR port function on the Galaxy S4 is that remote control capability of this phone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also more than a smart phone. This S4 is also a device that can replace you standard remote control.
Samsung is not the first device that allows you to do this type of thing. There are apps from the app store that allows the Ipad or iphone to do this as well
Have you seen the iPad mini yet? We're giving you the reasons you've got to get one! # 2 is a no brainer!
The Ipad does this all. Not as the S4 thou. Samsung has incorperate this functionality more into the hardware parts of the S4.Samsung made this small added function that may change the way people are now using their smart phone devices.
More and more smart phones are completely becoming a full functioning part of your life.
Do i like this Ir function? Not fully yet. I am not fully comfortable with using my smart phone as my remote control, because i use it already for so many other things, It is not that convenient for me.
I don't think it is a bad idea, some people may find it fits there life more than i do.
With the Samsung S4, It is possible to control your TV with your phone. I am not sure if this is possible for all bands and types of television... The Samsung Galaxy S4 have all the functionality of a standard universal remote added to its features. That may be one more thing might win your love for the device. Many people who used to be strong Apple defenders are now saying they love this Galaxy and have teleported over to the Samsung android dimension. All because of the new Samsung features Once you have programmed your phone to be a remote control. You may use it the same way as a standard remote. Changing channel, increasing the volume, viewing program schedules. Wait ... you can't view program schedules on most universal remote, can you?

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