May 2, 2013

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S4

So far, The Galaxy S4 is an impressive phone. I can tell it is an upgrade on the Galaxy S3 for sure.  The S4 as a more sophisticated feel to it, for starters. Even thou the S4 is only a little bigger than the S3 sources and tech reviewers are claiming that they don't feel much of a difference. They are not complaining. They actually thing that the S4 is a slightly smaller version of the Galaxy Note 2, which is another impressive phone from the Samsung library.
The Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3 as very similar button and port layout. This as not changed that much. You will not need to search too hard to find the volume, power buttons or where to put your charging cables. So if you have the S3 now, The S4 would be a smooth transition.
Just as advertised. You will have the ability to easily change batteries, by removing the back cover if you need to replace the battery for any reason.
The S4 software platform is Jelly bean 4.2. Upgrade from the 4.1 on the S3,with several new feature in the way the software performs,  and offers a wide array of customization for the look and feel of your new phone. I also see many of the Google features incorporated in the software, which is very understandable since the O.S. is written by Google.  Which also makes the S4 seamless  with any other services that you use from the  Google market/playstore.

The camera on this phone is definitely one of the best cameras out for smart phones to date and it shows in performance. As you may know there is a camera on both sides of the phone. I am referring to the rare facing camera which is a 13 megapixel camera. Coupled with some of Samsung's Trademark camera features. This camera shines with quality pictures, good clear zooming that minimal pix elation hardly noticeable at all. Samsung added some feature to the camera app that are just quite notable to say the least. since no other smart phones do what this camera allows you to do with your phone. these feature are typically found in high quality photo editing software. One function allows you to make gifs with a snippet of video. There was an app that the iPhone used to do this also and Samsung incorporated it well in the camera features of this phone.

I may have mention this feature in previous post on this blog. The Air view feature still impresses me, by allowing the use of many features without actually touching the screen,of your. But, by merely just hover over the screen, with your fingers, to manipulate what is on the display. You would not need worry of getting greasy paw prints, on you screen, if that is a concern. You are able to turn all the smart features on or off, that work with this software. The one that i think would be liked most, is the automatic scrolling. You may use this, if you are looking for a specific part in an article; That your are reading online, or even, a page in a book; That you are reading on your phone. If you look away the, screen pauses itself; It resumes when you are looking back at the screen. While all these feature can be helpful. You can simply turn them off, when you are not using them.

The Galaxy S4 has  a LED display. means you have better power consumption and a wider range of illumination This is a HD screen also. With 1920x1080 screen display.The spec super AMOLED HD with a Snap dragon processor gpu powerful enough to handle the clear crisp screen quality. Generating 441 ppi of sharp images, defined curves and text lettering, smooth video viewing, and just a pleasing view for the eyeballs. This with air gesture/air view, makes this phone a good upgrade.
The negative about this display is that it has a dull look when viewing outside under direct sun light, It gives better quality viewing inside or at nighttime.

Overall i would recommend this phone only for the display and the gesture hands free controls.  Those are the only significant feature about this phone that are different from what can be done with the S3. There are better phones out now that are good performers and will be a good buy. I donot think the Samsung S4 is a must have, If you already have the S3. So my recomendation would be to wait till something better comes along, and in the meantime you just need to upgrade you S3 software to 4.2 jelly bean, if didnot already do that.


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