May 1, 2013

Gaming Computers

I want one. Over the years, i have seen many computers. My first computer was a Macintosh. Nothing fancy    at all. I can barely remember what it had in it. I work for a year or something like that. I spent very little money on anything because i wanted a computer for myself. We had a home computer for the family to use. At that time, Big ideas was all in my head. I knew i wanted to do drawing and designs.
The computer that i bought was brand new. In the late 80s to early 90s computers cost as much as a good used car a desktop could run you any where in the $1800 range and going up. At that time i had no car, yet i saved to get a computer.Now computers are more affordable in windows operating systems and more variety. Quality thou. still come at a slightly high cost.  There are more people involve in gaming now . computer games have always been around, in the 
ASUS 17.3" Gaming Laptop, 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4GHz, 16GB DDR3, 3GB NVIDIA GTX 670MX, Blu-ray Player/DVDRW - $1,449.99, Normally 1,529.99.  the things that makes a good gaming system. To get a gaming system that is rugged and be able to handle the rendering and responsiveness of gaming environment, brings back these  memories of my first computer for me. A gaming computer means a quality computer. It rely on what is inside and not how much is inside. I good bawse gaming laptop just needs, at first a good graphic card with at least 2 gb of memory takes some of the burden off the processor. Next you will need a reliable processor something with compatible speeds to the graphic card, Remember
these key things in building or buying a computer. Keep components like processor, graphics card and mother board especially at the highest speed, they will be the back bone of you system. I would try to find some thing with an sdd instead of hdd, for low heat and most quietness  I don't really think a good computer needs to be heard all the way across the room.
  The Asus Republic is    

not a bad choice of part selection. The price thous is over kill. Yes it is a laptop and more convenient to take with you on the road. I would buy the slightly cheaper    

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