May 2, 2013

HTC one Worse phone on the market?

Is the HTC one worth your money?  Lets take a look, at some of what the HTC one is offering. For starters... The HTC one, try to be the thin phone; that everyone is bragging on. Well, yes it is thin. Not the thinnest phone on the market up today. There are several phones that are thinner.(IPhone 5,Samsung S4) Just to name a few. Therefore the HTC one is not, the thinnest phone out there. This phone is very thin none the less.
The network capabilities are sub par? Because of the dynamic network choices... The HTC one is able to connect to almost all wireless network hotspot even LTE where it is available. This is a standard requirement for new phones in 2013 to compete in the LTE market.. Therefore HTC is nothing special in that aspect.

The display of the HTC one, is smaller than most; new phones that are out now. Even smaller than the Samsung S4,  the iphone 5, that have been out for some time before the HTC one.
The screen display on the HTC one is good quality. One of the only 1080p display with over 460 ppi. The Htc one is running out in front with this display; even the Samsung S4, with a 1080p display, does not have the amount of ppi of the HTC one. Samsung is not close enough to be in the same category. With a little over 440ppi.  This is where the HTC one out shines; many smart phones that are out right now. The display is definitively impressive, in viewing quality. Which makes up for the lacking in size. I guess you compromise with that sore of thing.

The HTC one "feels really good and solid to hold" is a quote from a tech reviewer. I may agree with that statement. I also like the aluminium case. Seem to be more durable, and it makes the phone feel rugged, like if dropped it, it will with stand a good fall. So it would be fair to say that the phone is rugged in the way it feels.

The Gyroscope makes for some fun gaming experiences. They are so far unmatched by any other phone, that i have used for mobile gaming. If you have the HTC one. Try playing any need-for-speed game that you have that require using the phone to turn and control the experience. You would love it!. This HTC one shine  in this department. If you play games? you will love this very much.
So i am slowly noticing that the HTC one, has some good qualities  To answer the question... No!, HTC one, is not the worse phone on the market.  It actually out performs and does many thing better that other phone with more hype. One of which was the sound quality, while gaming, or even just listening, to some songs play on the phone. The speakers, were louder than any phone. I have never heard, or have I owned a phone that sound this way. After hearing the sound quality and volume, of the HTC one, I was sold. I wanted the phone just for that. Which was kinda funny; Because, up to that point, i did not even make one phone call, and didn't know if the thing could even make phone calls, It was better than the mp3 player that i already owned.

I made some calls, and was pleased, to know that  the speakers worked well, with phone calls also. The sounds, came in clear, there were no complains; from the other end. Only, one small thing, gets annoying for me, it is some parts of the software. Other people may like it. This is just a personal annoyance, getting notifications, from Facebook when i turn on the phone. It was just a small annoyance, till i just signed out of the Facebook app.
The HTC one uses Android 4.2 jelly bean, with a HTC skin. That i find intuitive; very smooth and easy to work with, and understand. After using it once or twice, going through the settings. I picked up on, the theme really quick. Many options for home screen, to choose from, and add to customizing.
Now that, i have gotten to see what this phone can do. It is the opposite. I can say HTC one is one of the best phones on the market with no reservations.

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